Black Angus Striploin Grass-Fed 2kg

1,502,000 1,250,000/pack

Weight: 2000 g

Origin: Australia

Grass fed Black Angus Striploin is easily identified as a long steak with a strip of fat across the top. The striploin (entrecôte in French) is one of the favorite cuts for its great taste and tenderness. Cuts from Black Angus cattle are known to be juicy because they are more marbled than ‘regular’ beef.
This cut of 1.5kg can easily be portioned into 6-8 steaks. The meat has always been chilled and therefor can still be frozen.
Please note that some mild trimming might be needed.

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  • Antibiotics Free
  • GMO Free
  • Hallal certified

Keep chilled, once opened consume within 3 days or place in freezer.