Black Angus Striploin MB3+ 150 days Grain-Fed 3,5-4,5kg


Origin: Australia

Striploin is easily identified as a long steak with a strip of fat across the top. The striploin (entrecôte in French) is one of the favorite cuts for its great taste and tenderness. Because the cattle have been fed grain for a minimum of 150 days it gives even more juicyness to the meat.

Please note this cut is a whole piece and therefore untrimmed.

Whole cuts can vary a lot in weight, but we will always aim to provide you with the cut size you requested. In case we are unable to match it we will contact you to get your approval. In case of pre-payment we will either refund you the monetary difference via a coupon or request an additional pre-payment.

  • Barbecue/Grill
  • Pan-fry
  • Roast
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  • Antibiotics Free
  • GMO Free
  • Hallal certified

Fresh meat should ideally be stored at a temperature of 2°C or colder. Because this product is vacuum packed at the production site it can be stored up to 12 weeks (chilled - not frozen!) from production date. Please check the label for the expiration date of your product.